Lake Park Lancers Boosters Support

Long Term Projects

New Outdoor East Scoreboard $22,700 

paid over 5 years (2015-2020)

West Football Concession Stand $40,000

4 iPad Airs w/kits $3200 (2015-16)

Sound System for West Campus Stadium $6,500

Six I-Pad Airs with WiFi $5300 (2013-2014)  

Stadium Fencing for East Campus $3,000
Softball Press Box $25,000 (2013-2014) Coaches' Education Program $10,000 per year
Repair of East Balcony Scoreboard $3000 (2013-2014) Four Yearly Booster Scholarships $3,000 per year
Donation to West Campus Field Renovations $25,000 (2012-2013) IMPACT Concussion Baseline Testing $1,000 per year
New Scoreboard for Softball Field $18,000 (2012-2013) HUDL Pro Video Editing Services $2,800 per year
Two Video Taping "Packs" (2011-2012) Donation to East Campus $3,000
Softball Varsity Field Improvements $18,000 (2011-2012) East Campus Main Gym Mural $9,000

Construction of Baseball Press Box, Concessions, Storage
Building and New Scoreboard $53,000 (2010-2011)

Records Boards $5,000

New Scoreboards for West Campus Stadium, East and 

West Gyms $54,000 (2007-2008)

NFHS Network Cameras


Training Room

Two 40 gallon Water Boys (2006-2007) Two Lumiscopes
Table and Case Game Package (2006-2007) Two Aquasonics
Splint Rapid Form Immobilizer Kit (2006-2007) Two Muscle Stimulators
Hydrocollator Twelve Electrodes
Golf Carts Twelve Wrist/Ankle Weights
Ankle Excerciser Two Baps with Wall Rack
Training Room Supplies Two Taping Tables

Two Ultrasound Machines

Dip and Chin Assist Weight Room

Weight Room

Weightlifting Bars and Bumper Plates (2014-2015) East Campus Weight Room Equipment $30,000 (2004-2005)
West Campus Weight Room Equipment $35,000 (2010-2011) Dual Abdominal/Back Extension Machine
Seated Leg Curl Machine (2006-2007) Adjustable Decline to Incline Bench
Adjustable Cable Crossover Select 2 (2006-2007) Combination Chest Press/Fly Machine
Two 3-Way Hip Sleds Upgrade East Campus weight room2020- 2021


Shadowman Tackle Trainers (6)  (15-16)

Incline Chest Press Machine
Two Square Chutes for Practice Twenty Rib Cage Protectors
EVS Telescoping Camera (2011-2012) Rogers 5 Man Sled
7 Man Blocking Sled (2009-2010) Rubber Mats for Weight Room
Two Digital Camcorders and Tripods (2008-2009) Video Editing System
7 Man Blocking Sled (2006-2007) Hip and Back Machine
DVD/VHS Film Analyzer Leg Curl Machine
Three Camcorders, Tripods, Videos and Film  


Yonex Rackets (20)  (2015-16)

Six Yonex Isometric 75 Lite Rackets (2006-2007)
Badminton Poles & Sleeves (2015-2015) ProVinyl Jumping Ropes (2006-2007)
One Mini DVD Recorder (2011-2012) Three Rackets
Five Nanospeed Rackets (2011-2012) Six Isometric Tour Rackets
Five Nanospeed Rackets (2009-2010) Two Racket Bags
Four Yonex Elite Rackets and Bags (2008-2009) Two Standards
Power Weighted Training Vests (2006-2007) Ten Z-Balls


Collegiate Platform, batting practice barrel, practice balls
(10 dozen) & tees (3) (15-16)

Catcher's Mitt and Equipment
Rakes, Shovels and Drags (2014-2015) Batting Helmets

Press Box/Concession/Storage Building

and New Scoreboard $53,000 (2010-2011)

Pitching Mound
Hose Reel Cart and Spray Nozzle (2008-2009) Fifty Game Scorebooks
Two Muhl Power Bags (2008-2009) Four Infield Softhands Practice Gloves
One Pallet Hilltopper Mound Clay (2008-2009) Four Batting Tees
Jox Box (2008-2009) Radar Gun
Combination Screens (2006-2007) Three Rolls of Yellow Poly Fence Cap
Big Bubba Net and Skirt for Cage (2006-2007) Ten Bags of Fence Slatting
Edger/Sod Cutter (2006-2007) Four Batting Practice Mats
Two Atec Ball Baskets (2006-2007) Four Batting Tunnel Backdrops
Field Tarp and Field Roller (2005-2006) Ball and Equipment Bags
Protective Screens Pitching Machine and Balls
Outdoor Batting Cage  

Boys Basketball

Power Equipment, Agility Rings and

Lateral Resistance Trainer (2014-2015)

Two Rectangular Backboards with Pads

Travel Bags for all levels (2006-2007)

Team Bleacher Seating Pads
Speed City Basketball Team Pack (2005-2006) Skirt for Scorer's Table
Improving Vertical Jump DVD (2005-2006) Fifteen Basketballs
Dynamic Flexibility DVD (2005-2006) Four Large Slip-Nott Pads
Varsity Warm-ups Six Anti-Whip Next Throw Back Nets
Sony DVD 92 Camcorder and Case Score Light and Padded Scoring Table West Campus
Four Breakaway Rims West Campus  

Girls Basketball

Travel Backpacks with Logos and Numbers (2014-2015)

Water Bottles and Racks

Travel Bags for all Levels (2006-2007)

Fifteen Basketballs
Sony DCR HC 36 Handycam Camcorder and Case Ten Basketball Nets
Four Breakaway Rims East Campus Score Light and Padded Scoring Table East Campus
Two Rectangular Backboards with Pads Forty Padded Custom Chares and Carts

Boys and Girls Bowling

Seven 2 Ball Roller Bags (2011-2012)

Four Wrist Supports

Seven 3 Ball Roller Bags (2011-20120

Six Single Ball Bags
Gold and Silver Bowlers Map Analysis Program (2006-2007) Six Double Ball Bags
Score and Average Software Program (2006-2007) Two Hollow Rubber Bowling Bags
Forty Shoe Covers (2005-2006) Twelve 2-Ball Bowling Bags
  Six 1-Ball Bowling Bags


Varsity Cheerleading Uniforms  (2015-16)

Ten Cheerleading Uniforms (2008-2009)

Team Warmups  (2014-2015)

Signs and Flags (2006-2007)

Competition Music (2011-2012)

Multi-Colored Poms (2006-2007)
Competition Props (2011-2012) Competition Music (2006-2007)
Specialty Music (2009-2010) Warm-Up Pants/Jackets (2005-2006)

Boys and Girls Cross Country

10x15 EZ Up Tent - Boys (2014-2015)

Skinfold Caliper

Nike Uniforms - Girls (2014-2015)

Time Master Machine
10x15 EZ Up Tent  (2011-2012) Megaphone
Two 500 Memory Stopwatch (2008-2009) Starter's Pistol
Olympia 1000 Year Megaphone (2008-2009) Advanced Timing Machine
Individual Record Boards Two Starting Blanks
Forerunner GPS System (2005-2006) Measuring Wheel
CEI Ultrak 499 Stopwatches (2005-2006) RunMaster Software
Chronomix Display Clock Computer Timing System
Seven Quick Pulse Monitors Two Memory 500 Stopwatches
Two Stopwatches  


Wood Ring Sets - Boys (2)  (2015-16)

Competition Mats

Above Ground "Resi" Mat (2014-2015)

"Z" Landing Mat Twisting Belt

Performance Boards (2011-2012)

Elite Blue Competition Carpet
Elite Reflec Team AAI Model #407-440 (2011-2012) Stereo Equipment
4" Throw Mat AAI Model #416-018 5'x10'x4' (2011-2012) Score Flashers
Teac Stereo Receiver (2006-2007) Record Book
CD Players (2006-2007) Stratum Vaulting Board
Four 4 Teac Speakers (2006-2007) Two Spotting Blocks
Panasonic Dual Deck DVD/VCR Player (2005-2006) High Chalk Holder
Sumsung TXR2035 TV (2005-2006) Spring Flooring
Panasonic VDR-D100 DVD Camcorder and Case Individual Record Boards
Parallel Bars and Rails  

Boys and Girls Golf

Range Finders (4), Score Card Keepers w/ LP logo (24 each)  (2015-16)

Ten Sun Mountain Bags with Logo (2006-2007)

14 Ping Replacement Bags - Boys (2014-2015)

EZ Stat Program (2005-2006)

14 Ogio Replacement Bags - Girls (2014-2015)

Additional New Golf Bags (2005-2006)
24 Replacement Golf Bags (2011-2012) Swing Trainer Lesson T's
Six Sun Mountain Golf Bags (2009-2010) 90 Golf Bags
Fourteen Holloway Rain Suits - Girls (2008-2009) 61 Dozen Golf Balls
Eight Ping Golf Bags with Logo (2006-2007)  


Team Travel Bags  (2015-16)

Three sets Metallic Show Poms (2005-2006)

Solid Metallic Poms (2014-2015)

Sound System

Mini Vox Portable Sound System (2011-2012)

50 Garment Bags, 50 Competition Poms
8GB I-Pod Touch (2011-2012) FM Microphone System
Forty Silver Metallic Show Poms (2008-2009) Music System
Sony Handycam DVD Camcorder (2006-2007) State Video Tapes
Sixty 6" White Show Poms (2006-2007) Tape/CD/Speaker System
Tripod, Case and DVD Starter Kit (2006-2007) State Competition Recognition
0.5 Wide Angle Converter Lens (2006-2007) Banner Equipment


Two Elite Team Shelter II Benches (2011-2012)

Six Training and Conditioning Videos

Thirty Brailia 5 Duffel Bags (2011-2012)

Three Speed Resistors
Stadium Wind Screens (2009-2010)  Two Power Fitness Chutes
Scoreboard for Auxiliary Field (2008-2009) Sixteen Game Balls
Under Armour Parkas (2008-2009) Twenty Practice Balls
Four Team Benches (2006-2007) Fifty Equipment Bags
10'x15' EZ Up Tent (2005-2006) Jugs Machine
Sony DCR-HC36 MiniDVD Camcorder and Case Goal Nets
Scoreboard Corner Flags
Four Soccer Goals Four Ball Bags
Two Training Goals  


Hack Attack Pitching Machine (2015-16)

Soft Toss and Net Generator

Press Box $25,000 (2013-2014)

Backdrop Pitcher's Trainer

Scoreboard $18,000 (2012-2013)

Flexible Outfield Fencing
Varsity Field Upgrade $18000 (2011-2012) Major League Bases Helmet Bag
Three Sets of Catcher's Gear (2009-2010) Batting Tees
Two Hitting and Pitching Mats (2009-2010) Two Strike Zone Trainers
Twelve Softball Helmets (2008-2009) Six Softhand Trainers
Field Upgrades (2006-2007) Ten Rosin Bags
New Back Stop for Varsity Field (2005-2006) Five Batter Bags
Slide Rite Trainer Two Jugs Instant Screens
Replacement Pads for Trainer Four Bat Racks
Short Stroke Trainer Six Flip-up Sunglasses
Three Extra Tracks Glove Lace
Line Drive Hitting Device Swing Away Trainer
Striker Baseball Attachment Yellow Poly Fence Cap
Stride Guide Practice Balls Home Run Fence Screen
Pitching Machine Six Batting Helmets

Boys and Girls Swimming

Axis Swim Buoy (60)  (2015-16)  

50 Short Fins and Paddles (2014-2015)

Meet MGR Program (2006-2007)

60 Freestyle Snorkels (2011-2012)

Sony VAIO Notebook Laptop Computer and Case
Two 1 EVO Unisex Diving Wet Suit (2011-2012) Sony MiniDVD Camcorder and Battery (2006-2007)
Thirty Warm Ups (2009-2010) Camcorder Case
TIVO Series 2 (2008-2009) Twelve Swim Mirrors (2005-2006)
Fifty Jump Ropes (2008-2009) Six Accusplit 725MXY Stopwatches (2005-2006)
Five Water Training Leash (2008-2009) Individual Record Boards
Twenty-five Resistance Tumes (2008-2009) Zoomer Kick Trainers
Thirty training Paddles (2008-2009) Two Vasa Swim Benches

Boys and Girls Tennis

Tennis Ballmower, Coach's 240 Ball Cart and
Gamma EZ Travel Ball Hopper (2014-2015)

Ball Hoppers

Agility Ladders (2009-2010)

Travel Carts
Six Gamma X-Duty Carts (2008-2009) Target Trainer and Rollers
Tennis Tower (2008-2009) Tennis Tuto
Two Airzone Net System (2006-2007) Quick Fleet Pads
Two Rope Zone (2006-2007) Six Tennis Jelly Balls
Airzone CAZ (2006-2007) 104 Dozen Tennis Balls
Lobster Elite Fast Charger (2006-2007) Tennis Nets
Lobster Elite Ball Machine, Remote Control and
Battery Charger (2005-2006)
Medicine Balls Center Straps
8 sets of Post Mounting Devices 1 set of Score Cards

Boys and Girls Track

Pro Coach Timing System (2015-16)

Three Equipment Carts

Boys and Girls Uniforms  (2014-2015)

Speed Chutes

Performance Boards (2011-2012)

Adjustable Power-Plyo Boxes
10'x15' EZ Up Tent (2011-2012) Starting Blocks
Pole Vault Pole (2009-2010) Stop Watches
EZ Up Tent (2009-2010) Three Pole Vault Poles
Runway Mat (2009-2010) Two Pole Vault Carrying Cases
Four Newton International Start Blocks (2008-2009) Pole Vault Pits and Standards
Roll-out Runway (2008-2009) Ten Medicine Balls
Cheer Mat Strip (2008-2009) Two Pit Rakes
Individual Record Boards Four Discus
Speed Trap Timer Extra Sensors (2006-2007) Ten Weighted Vests
Just Jumping System (2006-2007) Indoor Shot Put Ring
Two Track Wagons (2006-2007) High Jump pit
Plyometric Box Kit with Jump Ramp (2006-2007) Six Power Harnesses
Multi-Lane Timer with Printer (2005-2006) Two Wast Belts and Stability Belts
Speed Trap Timer (2005-2006) Portable Steel Shot Circle
36"x42" Plyo Boxes Portable Steel Discus Circle
Interactive CD Rom Trainer Ten Power Hurdles
High Jump Standards Twenty-four Banana Steps
Pole Vault Trainer Fiberglass Shot Put Toe Board
Timer Machine Two Take-off Board Markers

Boys and Girls Volleyball

Boys Duffle Bags  (2014-2015)

Two Power Ladders (2006-2007)

Girls Backpacks (2014-2015)

Sony Mini DVD Camcorder and Battery (2006-2007)
Two Spike Challenger (2011-2012) Three Obstacle Course Kits (2006-2007)
Two Mikasa Attack Trainer (2011-2012) Attack Vball Machine (2006-2007)
Setter Target Trainer (2009-2010) Camcorder Carrying Case
Super Vertical Velocity Builder (2009-2010) Slip Knot Pads
Digital Scout: Software (2009-2010) Pass-It Netting
JV Uniforms (2009-2010) Two Ball Carts
Speed Jump Ropes (2008-2009) Plyometric Boxes
VB Ace/Tap Recorder (2008-2009) Catch-It, Toss-It Machine
Palm TX Handheld (2008-2009) Scorer's Table
Coach It Coaches' Stand (2008-2009) Two Style Weight Vests
Precision Passer (2008-2009) Silent Partner Ball Machine
Agility Station Kit (2008-2009) Net Height Adapter


Team Warm Ups (100)  (2015-16)

Panasonic PV-GS300 3 CCD

Steriliser Mat Sanitizer  (2014-2015)

MiniDVD Camcorder and Cassettes

Backpack Bags with Mesh (2014-2015)

Sony VAIO Laptop Computer
Two Schwinn Airdyne ad4 Upright Exercise Bikes (2011-2012) Two Wrestling Mats and Lettering
Wrestling Mat (2009-2010) Slip Knot Pads
Real Runner Machine (2008-2009) Exercise Bike
Torque Machine (2008-2009) Electronic Scale and Scoreboard
Mat Reconditioning (2006-2007) Portable Electronic Scale
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